Sell Your Land or Property

Sell your land or property quickly to professional developers. If your land has the potential for several residences to be built upon it, whether it be flats or houses, property developers could be interested in buying it. Your property may be run down or in really bad repair, but that may not be a problem, because developers will demolish it to make way for the new development if it is viable. See our Contact Form at the bottom of this page.


What We Are Looking For

  • Land that has potential for development
  • Must be in a good area
  • Area must have good local services
  • Property can be dilapidated, because projects can be refurbished or demolished and rebuilt
  • Part of your land (if you don’t want to sell it all and if it’s big enough for us)
  • Projects that will most likely get residential planning (although we do look for sites suitable for care homes). No listed buildings.
  • Old pubs that can be demolished and replaced
  • Property or land must not be up for sale with an estate agent

Land Owner Wanting to Sell Off-Market?

If you are a land owner, whether a property developer selling to improve cash flow, a commercial land owner, a farmer wanting to sell all or part of your land or indeed a homeowner wanting with a large swathe of land to sell, we want to hear from you. We are looking for genuine off-market land. Use the contact form below to send us your details.

We have property developers, who want land for various reasons, not just residential developments. Land is required in various locations around the UK and land with or without planning consent will be considered.

Property Developers Looking for Land or Property?

If you are a land or property development company and you are looking for off-market land for your new projects, please email us with your requirements. Please note that we would require a fee agreement to be in place prior to referring any potentially suitable sites.

Do You Have an Urgent Need to Sell Your Property?

For example:

  • You have inherited property that is dilapidated and need to liquidate  quickly without having to renovate
  • You may wish to liquidate some of your land which you don’t need and don’t care to maintain
  • Your property is dilapidated and you can’t afford to renovate before selling
  • You want to avoid estate agents’ fees
  • You may be a farmer who has excess land and you would benefit from the liquidation of some of it

and so on. If in doubt, contact us using the form below.

Sell Your Property In Conjunction With a Neighbour

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Developers will be very happy if you and one or more of your neighbours offered to sell your property or part of your land to them. By deciding to sell even part of your land together it will open up the opportunity of bigger building projects to developers. So, if you want to sell all or part of your property, discuss this with your neighbours and see if they are interested. By including your interested neighbours it could well increase the chances of developers wanting to buy from you.

Care Homes

If you are the owner of a vacant care home or care home that is due to become vacant and would like to sell off-market, please contact us with details of location. We also require buildings that could be converted into care homes and that would be suitable for 15 – 30 rooms. Small apartment blocks can be suitable for conversion to care homes, so if you own a vacant block, whether or not it needs refurbishment, please contact us. Your properties must not be advertised for sale online or offline.

Hotels in London

If you own a working hotel in London and wish to sell off-market, please contact us as we have investors and companies looking for this type of investment. Your hotel must not be advertised for sale online or offline.

Send Us Your Property Details

We need to study and research your property or land before we let you know whether one of our developers may have an interest. We then submit our research for a definitive decision.

As a first step, please submit the following to us using the form below:

  • Address of the land you wish to sell, including post code.
  • If it is just land, please let us know if you intend to retain any property attached.
  • Where possible, try and send us an aerial photo with the area outlined. Don’t worry if you can’t do this. For those who are technically minded and adept at using computers, you can find your property on – just click on the outline to highlight the area, then take a screenshot and save. There are apps that do this also.
  • Please let us know if there has been any other redevelopment in your area and provide us with any details you can, including an address/street name if possible.

We will do our research and give you our decision on whether we can progress further.

Looking For Off-Plan Properties?

Whether you are looking for a new home to live in or to buy and rent out and you wish to reserve your property prior to it being built, we receive a wide range of property opportunities for you to choose from. We have residential or student apartments available off-plan in various locations in the UK. If you are an investor looking to rent out your property once purchased, you’ll be happy to know that some properties come with a rental guarantee. Please email us with your requirements and to find out more.

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