Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you not display your telephone number?

A. To avoid being plagued by marketing companies! Once you email details of your property or land, we will gladly provide you with our geographical and mobile numbers.

Q. You’re in a different part of the country to me, will that matter?

A. No, absolutely not. First of all, with such great technology at our fingertips these days, we can easily view your property from the air via the likes of Google Maps, Bing Maps and also use ‘Street View’ to look at your property as if we were standing in front of it (as long as it is accessible via a public road). We can also measure the area with online software or smartphone software and identify local services in your area. The developers we use are scattered around the UK, distance will not matter to them, indeed they have completed many ‘out of area’ projects in the past.

Q. Is this some sort of scam?

A. Of course not. Your land or property is purchased as any property would be, via solicitors. Everything will be in writing for you to check thoroughly before signing.

Q. My property is next to a public house, would you consider buying it?

A. Only if the public house owner was willing to sell also

Q. My property is next to commercial premises, would you consider buying it?

A. Not unless the commercial premises owner was willing to sell also and the project overall matched our requirements. The remaining surroundings would need to be attractive to prospective developers. Commercial premises would not fit well into their plans.

Q. My property is next to social housing, is that a problem for prospective developers?

A Most likely, yes. 

Q. What is your maximum budget?

A. There is no maximum. The budget is limited by the proposed development. No need to worry about this.

Q. Do I have to get planning permission before you will consider buying my property or land?

A. No, but it helps and will add value to your land. The developer will seek planning permission after preliminary enquiries.

Q. What things will make my property or land attractive to developers?

A. The property is in a good area, good local services such as schools, transport links, supermarkets, attractive shopping malls, proximity to main road arteries and importantly there have been recent private developments in the area.

Q. In recent years there have been companies springing up offering to buy property quickly, but paying well below market value. Is this what you do?

A. No. It is likely that you will get better than market value.

Q. Do I need to have an aerial view of my property before you will consider buying?

A. No. We can do that, but it would help if you could submit your enquiry with an aerial view with your land highlighted. You can do this online at or use an app on your smartphone and take a screenshot. Here are a couple of examples for Android phones: GPS Area Calculator, GPS Fields Area Measure.

Q. What size land do you want?

A. No need to worry about this, just send us your details and we will let you know if it’s suitable.

Q. Do you buy commercial property?

A. Yes, if it has potential to convert into residential housing or something like care facilities.

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