How a court ruling has liberated councils to factor previous over-delivery into their housing land supply calculations

A High Court judgment has confirmed that councils can use the over-delivery of homes in previous years as part of their housing land supply calculation, but it will be a matter of planning judgment for decision-makers according to the particular circumstances. Experts said the ruling fails to clarify the issue and advised authorities adopting such an approach to argue it on a case-by-case basis.

Objectors to minister’s Holocaust memorial permission granted High Court hearing

The housing minister’s controversial decision to grant planning permission for a Holocaust memorial and learning centre in a park near Parliament is set to come under fire at the High Court, after a judge allowed a legal challenge to the way in which the scheme’s location was considered to proceed to a full hearing.

High Court quashes permission for 4,000-home urban extension in Kent

A council has agreed to quash its permission for a 4,000-home ‘garden city’ to the south of Canterbury in Kent after the High Court came down on the side of objectors who argued that the decision conflicted with the local plan and would have negative environmental impacts.