Why so few councils are asking PINS to fix their housing land supply positions for a year

Only three councils have this year expressed an interest in submitting a housing land supply annual position statement to the Planning Inspectorate to confirm their five-year target for 12 months. Practitioners say the tight timescales for preparing such documents so soon after local plan adoption and the risk of an inspector removing sites from a local authority’s claimed pipeline make it an unappealing option for many.

Why some councils are challenging PINS over local plan failures

Two councils in Kent are challenging inspectors’ verdicts that their local plans failed the duty to cooperate – one via the courts, the other through a request for ministerial intervention. Practitioners suspect the moves are a political tactic to avoid implementing unpopular development strategies but say they face little chance of success.

Why so many local plans are failing to pass examination

The number of local plans failing to pass examination reached its highest level in 2020 for six years. Observers have pinpointed political difficulties around releasing green belt and meeting the duty to cooperate as two key factors that are derailing councils’ development strategies.

Why some councils are failing to provide any self build housing permissions despite high demand

Almost one in five English local authorities have failed to issue a single permission for a self or custom build plot more than three years after being legally required to do so, according to new government figures. But some of the councils concerned say they are struggling to find appropriate plots and trying to balance self build requirements with wider housing supply needs.

The challenges facing the housing ministry’s first sub-regional spatial framework

The housing ministry last week announced it would be preparing a new spatial framework for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, the first time the department has produced such a strategy itself. But some experts have claimed that the two-year timescale for the document’s production will be a big challenge and expressed concerns that local plan production might be held up.